"My art is predominantly based around realism, shrouded with elements of mystery which are coming from my inner world and sublime thinking. In many cases, the composition is set in a form of a rebus, with a desire to provoke the audience's imagination to unlock the true meaning of the story."

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Born in 1969 in Kumanovo, Macedonia.


  • Finished a College of Applied Arts in Skopje, Macedonia, where he also graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts

  • A  member of   DLUM (National Artists   Association of Macedonia)

  • A  member of   ,, Societe des Artistes Francais"

  • A member of   ,, SOCIÉTÉ DU SALON D’AUTOMNE -Paris "

  • A member of     Académie des Arts-Sciences-Lettres de PARIS

  • A member of   "MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA"

  • An author of many individual projects and exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad


-  Awards:

    1998 -     "Konstantin Mazev‚‚      painting small format КИЦ Скопје                        

    2012 -     "Medaille de bronze ‚‚  Salon   des Artistes Francais /Grand Palais /Paris

    2013 -     "Medaille d`argent,,       Salon  des  Artistes Francais /Grand Palais /Paris

    2014 -     "Medaille d`or,,            Salon   des Artistes Francais /Grand Palais /Paris

    2015 -     "Medaille d`or,,              Salon  National des Beaux Arts   / Louvre / Paris

    2015 -     "Dimitar Kondovski"      DLUM (National Artist   Association of Macedonia)

    2016 -     ''Prix ADAGP ''                Le Salon des Beaux Arts   / Louvre/ Paris

    2016 -      1st PRIZE WINNER of PALM ART AWARD / Germany

    2017 -      1st Absolute Prize in the Paintings section / Marchionni Prize / Italy

    2017-       Kitz Award 2017  /  Austria

    2018-      TOP 10 Artist of the Year    Award from Circle Foundation  /France 

    2018-       Winner of Art Expo Venice / Italy     

    2018-       Golden Medal of Merit and Contribution to Art in 2018 by French 'Société       Académique' Arts-Sciences-Lettres/ France

    2019-       Golden Medal in category "surrealism and symbolism"    awarded   by the Mondial Art Academia

    2019-       Golden Medal in   "all categories" awarded   by the Mondial Art Academia 

    2019-       "ISMAIL LULANI' International Award , Second Prize winner VIZart International Biennial "Self -Portrait " Tirana/Albania

    2020-       Winner in Oil Medium (Artist Category) , Jumbish World Art Competition 5.0 - Portrait theme / India

    2020-       Grand Winner (Artist Category),  Jumbish World Art Competition 5.0 - Portrait theme / India


    2020-       Catalogue Prize - Malamegi Lab16 - art prize / Italy


  • Commissioned to do a number of paintings for Museum of the Macedonian Struggle-Skopje  , Macedonia

  •    Commissioned to paint the ceiling of the National Theatre in Skopje Macedonia    


     - Lives and works as an independent artist in  Saint Paul de Vence /France  and  Kumanovo/ Macedonia


 Artistic approach 


        -My art is predominantly based around surrealism, finely knitted with

motives  which come out from the reach Macedonian tradition. My works unite
elements structured of realism of the old masters coupled with surrealistic elements
structured around our past, present and future. Most of my works are done in
oil on canvas, however I do endeavour to use my skills in producing icons on
wood done in the very best traditional Byzantine style; something that is
still present and well preserved in my country. I also do mix media works
staging both traditionalism and surrealism.

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